Got a Credit Score No?
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Got a Credit Score No?
We all know the majority of our high street lenders use credit score to cherry pick their clients but not every borrower is the same!
GREATTTTTT NEWS - there are more and more specialist lenders who will look at the more interesting cases and who don't rely on credit scoring to make their decision.
One such lender is Pepper Money
They have some interesting criteria:
  • No credit scoring - the rate is the rate! Start as low as 2.17%
  • Defaults & CCJ's don't need them to be satisfied and no limit to the value either
  • DMP acceptable - for clients in an active DMP or have satisfied one in the last 12 months
  • Really flexible attitude to missed/late payments on all types of unsecured credit (arrears on "fixed term" unsecured credit must be at least 6 months old)
  • Pure Interest Only with sale of property as the repayment method, no problem up to 60% LTV
  • Great for the self-employed - 1 year trading/1 years income for newly self-employed and latest years income for established self-employed accepted
  • Capital raising for most purposes accepted up to 85% LTV
  • Great for Let To Buy scenarios - lend on the BTL and onward residential purchase
Complete FS have a special range for Pepper 6, 12 & 18
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