" I have to state that to date, we cannot fault the service in any way and without it we would most certainly be drowning with enquiries. Many other Packagers call us, but they never even get a chance to step inside the office, which clearly indicates we are more than satisfied with Complete "
Keith (Nov 2018)

" I just wanted to drop you an email to highlight and to thank Sean Latchem for his recent persistent help on this case. Without Seans dogged persistence the case wouldn’t have completed on time as long expected, so Angie, Fran and myself wanted to send across a thank you to ensure he gets the pat on the back he deserves. Fran and Angie tell me he’s a credit to the team at your place despite only being with you a short period... "
Matt (November 2018)

" I just wanted to thank you for your sterling efforts on this – I have found the service provided by Complete, and yourself in particular, to be outstanding. "
Geoff (August 2018)

" I would like to say a massive thank you to you for your work with Vida, managing to get the full retention off shows me the value of you as a packager that you bring/have brought to this case. Brilliant effort, thank you so much! The other advisors here are impressed with this too. Very very efficient. "
Matt (August 2018)

" I would like to say how well Helen performed in a challenging case and she has been superb in her dealings with us. "
Gary F (April 2018)

" I have completed the initial packaging on this application submitted to us by yourselves. This is just a quick email to say thank you for the application as it came through to us well packaged which certainly makes matters easier our end. We also struggled to get hold of the client for valuation fee payment but your team sorted this out for us within hours of notifying them. I look forward to processing your next one. "
Alex S (April 2018)

" Fantastic, thank you so so much, you have been an absolute star with this case "
Keith (March 2018)

" I have just had confirmation to say that my 3 cases have completed, I just wanted to feedback how helpful Helen was as these were not the easiest to get through, please pass on my thanks. "
C Kimbley (February 2018)

" I'm writing to congratulate and thank your team for service excellence with regard to a complex buy to let loan arranged with Kent Reliance which recently successfully completed. Despite various hurdles the support received and willingness of staff was second to none. I found this runs throughout from placement to completion and this was most welcome for a tricky case such as this. A big thank you for a great culture and team in your business which is great to see in today's difficult btl market. "
K Javid (January 2018)

" Boom! Once again Complete FS smacks it out of the park. Very happy client and broker. Please pass my thanks to Trudy, Sami and the Foundation underwriter. "
R Field (Aug 2017)

" Well done Sami. Many thanks for letting me know., all your time and help has been very much appreciated. "
D Kapoor (August 2017)

" Lovely, many thanks Helen. David asked me to thank you for all your hard work as well as he appreciates this was not the most simple application in the world. "
M Davis (August 2017)

" I just wanted to say how delighted I've been with your incredible service over the last week or so. Whenever you've said you'd be in touch you have and whenever you said you'd deal with something you have in a timely and efficient manner and have kept me informed all the way along. Many people would think this is just normal business practice but, having been involved in the mortgage business for quite a few years now, I can tell you it's incredibly rare and I just wanted to thank you for your integrity (doing what you said you'd do when you said you'd do it). Fabulous stuff and I'm really hoping we'll be able to proceed with this case with you and Complete. "
R Abram (June 2017)

" I know you must get told this dozens of times but yesterday I had a deal blow out with a high street lender, I called Sarah on her Direct number, (wrong I know) anyway left a message, as always she called back. We spoke about the deal, sent over loads of info and she immediately got in touch with Laura the TML BDM. Anyway, irrespective whether or not this goes through just her whole positive ‘nothings- too- much –trouble’ attitude is totally engaging. So just wanted you to know she is so helpful, so knowledgeable and what a terrific ambassador for Complete. "
I Nance (June 2017)

" In this day and age when we all find it easy to complain about the service we expect but do not receive, it is all too easy to let good service go without any thanks. I would like to put that right by letting you know that one of your staff, Stevie Mansfield, has just excelled in the service we received regarding a complicated mortgage case. My colleague and I have on a number of occasions had recourse to contact Stevie regarding the clients’ application and she has always been courteous, professional and very helpful even at times when we have probably driven her crazy. She has in my opinion given us a service over and above what we could ever have expected and I would like you to thank her on our behalf. We received an offer for our clients before they went on holiday which we did not think would happen and certainly would not have happened had Stevie not done her job to the highest standard. Please pass on our thanks. "
R Fay (May 2017)

" Hi Stevie, just to let you know the client completed yesterday and she is over the moon with all our efforts, so just to say a BIG THANK YOU again for your hard work it was very much appreciated. We will have no hesitation in using Complete again in the future for any unusual cases. "
Vanessa (April 2017)

" Trudy, thank you so much for your assistance today. What a complete turnaround and a great result for our client. We really do appreciate it. "
Rachel Cummings (April 2017)

" That’s fabulous news Emma – thank you, and thank you for a very efficient service. "
S Collins (April 2017)

" A massive thank you to you all for your help in what has been a particularly stressful transaction! Emma – I do not think the deal would have exchanged if you had not worked so hard to get hold of Foundation Home Loans and stayed late last night to make sure everyone was kept in the loop. Thank you for all of your assistance. "
Bethan Williams (March 2017)

" Sami, that is fantastic, thanks so much for all your hard work on this case. I really appreciate it. "
A Allen (March 2017)

" Thank you so very much for your help and support with this case Stevie. You have made a challenging, tough case so much easier with your support and guidance. "
Amar (February 2017)

" Just wanted to commend Stevie on a great job on getting 3 of our cases to offer, they were extremely awkward cases and she did a great job so only right to praise her. "
Martin (January 2017)

" Thank you for all your help this year Jo – we have had some truly nightmare cases and you have been brilliant throughout. Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to keeping you busy next year! "
JS| Senior Mortgage Consultant - Blueberry Wealth Limited (December 2016)

" Once again, many thanks and a massive happy Christmas to all the team at CFS, the best packager in the UK by a country mile! "
Rob F - Positive Solutions (December 2016)

" I have to say with complete honesty that Dean and the team are exceptionally helpful and by a country mile
or two they are the best packager team I deal with. "
Mark (December 2016)

" Tammy, I have really enjoyed everyone’s help from the ability to negotiate a fee that closed the business to your fantastic support.
Truthfully, I felt like you were on my side all the way "
JK Lighthouse Group (November 2016)

" Thanks Stevie, you’re a star "
John (November 2016)

" Hi jo that is great news. You are wonderful. "
Stephen (November 2016)

" Oh I could kiss you guys, you never let me down...........
I have made contact with my clients, told them what I need, will meet them Monday to sign and hopefully collect all. "
Keith (November 2016)

" Hi Trudy
Thank you very much for your hard work on this case.
The client is delighted!!! "
Faz (October 2016)

" Ah thank you Stevie. You've been absolutely amazing throughout this process and with other cases in the past that you've helped me with. You are very much appreciated by me :-) "
James (April 2016)

"Thanks for what you have done Jo, I know its stressful and intense at times but your help and support has been excellent, thanks for going the extra mile."
Phil (April 2016)

" Your communication and response to emails/calls over the past year has been exceptional. Can't thank you enough. I would like to send a special thank you to Tammy Chalk who has been my single point of contact and helps with every single query, chasing information and working hard to get this case completed before the deadlines given. "
Christian (30th March 2016)

" Fantastic Tammy.
Thanks for all your hard work, won’t hesitate to contact you regarding future business. "
Stephen (30th March 2016)

" Stevie, can I say thanks for all of your hard work and good customer service, this wasn’t the easiest of cases and you handled it brilliantly. "
Martin G (29th February 2016)

" I thought I would drop you a line to express my gratitude to Tammy Chalk with whom I have been dealing during a recent bridging transaction. Tammy was always keen to help and kept me fully informed throughout the whole process and I was impressed with her dedication and friendly approach. "
Peter (13th November 2015)

" Jo, That is some pretty impressive work on Completes part. To have that go to Kent and come out without anything else being needed is proper old school packaging. Good work. This client is a personal friend of mine and I was expecting to have to go back to him for some extra clarification. Genuinely impressed. Thank you so much. Thanks everyone. "
Mark (29th July 2015)

" Thanks so much for all your help Tammy, It makes a massive difference to have someone on your side and you have been amazing "
R Field (29th June 2015)

" Thank you Sarah, you are so fab and efficient, I have to say that I am so grateful for all of your help and sorry that I have been a bit of high maintenance.
Thank you once again."
P Barnden (13th May 2015)

" Great news, appreciate your efforts on this one Stevie, glad the Michelle Peart case went though without a hitch.
Phil "
P Witton (30th April 2015)

" Stevie, just a short email to thank you for all of your help, support and assistance for my clients, Pamela and husband Paul Barrett on securing a mortgage offer. You have helped secure a great future for their family and they cannot thank you enough for the help and professionalism you have shown when dealing with their application.
Thanks again. "
P Witton (20th April 2015)

" I would like to express my pleasure in few words in regards to the service quality I have constantly received from you. I have always appreciated the quick response that I get, and general way that you undertake your business is excellent. I don't know what to say more but, you are simply the best.
Thanks again for all your efforts and excellent services. "
T Irmak (23rd December 2014)

" I just thought I would drop you a line as the guys mentioned you had been in the office this week and asked about service. We have found Jo and Trudy’s service has been excellent, Jo really works hard to ensure we are kept updated and helps us out with urgent bits. Trudy is equally helpful and both myself and Kerry have nothing but words of praise for them. We are hard to please as well! Many thanks to you and the team. "
A Stuttle (22nd December 2014)

" It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all this year. Your service and professionalism is second to none. I have sent you many challenging and frustrating cases throughout the year but you have succeeded on every occasion.

I would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My New Year’s resolution is to come and visit you personally in January. "
S Gollop (18th December 2014)

" Well not sure where to start, similar to my first case with Complete a guy who wanted a BTL who was a company director but his income moves up & down as he wants or needs cash from his business. He also has a small blip on his credit file, a fairly high BTL at £425k rentals didn’t stack up as I put £1,500 surveyor came up with £1100. We challenged this with help via the agent which wasn’t acceptable as he was linked to case so I had to research properties for sale & sold in the area to build a case. The surveyor took over a week to reassess the case then came back with £1600 happy days we thought, but the answer was still no and the lender wanted more bank statements, letters from accounts etc etc the list continues.

Most advisors or underwriters would have probably given up on the chance of gaining the loan after over 3 months, with a case file of 329 pages but not Helen as she tirelessly kept assisting me in what was needed to build the case file to acceptability and kept promising ”it would be ok”. Yesterday after the property looked like going back on the market over the weekend as the case could not be looked at by Precise until Monday & the agents had lost patience, Tony at Complete steps in & deals with the lender direct to ask a favour of the case being pulled because of the risk of losing the property & its offered within a few hours "
Mr A Fish (21st November 2014)

" Thank you Ann, Your assistance and service has been great. "
L McAlwane (17th November 2014)

"I read you’d had a record month, so congratulations on that. Thank you to your team for all your help, they are really great to deal with. Just trying to get another difficult one over the line!"
J Pearson (11th Aug 2014)

"May I thank you and the team for another mortgage case very well administered from start to finish."
R Abran (23rd April 2014)

"I was very impressed by the way Stephanie handled my enquiry. She must be a valued member of your team. I look forward to dealing with her again."
J Kay (10th March 2014)

"You are a star and thanks, big hug and thanks for being so patient and helpful."
A Cooper (5th March 2014)

"I have to say, this case is probably one of the best I have ever seen in terms of packaging, so please can you pass my thanks to who-ever pulled this one together. It was a pleasure seeing all the various documents sorted (in date order too) and stapled together, with highlighted titles at the top of each bundle. It took me a fraction of the usual time to assess – so thank you again."
(5th March 2014)

"Many thanks for your email. It was such a relief to the client her waters broke last night!!"
S Maccable (31st January 2014)

"... I just wanted to thank you for your terrific work!"
R Abram (27th January 2014)

"Just wanted you to know how helpful Sue Stocks has been. Its good to deal with some helpful staff in this industry."
T Crossley (15th October 2013)

"Thank you for the update. I had the pleasure of telling Mrs XXXXX on the phone on Friday morning, to which she burst into tears of joy. Thank you, thank you soooooooooooooo mucccccccccccccchhhhhhhhh for your help to get this case through, it was a very special one for us all."
H Arnold (7th August 2013)

"Tony, just wanted to say what a fantastic job Becky did with assisting us on the XXXXX Mortgage Case , we were right up against it, timescale wise, but just managed to produce the mortgage offer before completion due to the professional, knowledgeable approach she took with the case... much appreciated."
M Montague (2nd August 2013)

"As Amy’s team leader I’d like to thank you both for doing so well getting this case to offer..."
S Darbyshire (25th July 2013)